Our response to COVID-19 situation


Sikshana works with 3 Million students from socio-economically backward families across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. This section of the society is grappling to make ends meet and provide food and basic needs for their families during this period, as the much-needed lock-down has hit this segment really hard. We as a nation now need to support them in every possible way to ensure that they survive these turbulent times.

With our more than a decade long experience of working with these families and communities we are fully aware of the day to day challenges they would be facing in these difficult times. Our operations team has identified 500+ such families so far and you can help us by choosing one of the four options listed below. For any queries or clarifications please reach out to our Partnership Team at ph:+91-9900607159 email:sudeepta@sikshana.org

Food to a family of 4 for 1 week - INR 750
(5Kg Rice, 1Kg Daal, Spices, Potato & Oil)

Nutrition pack for kids to build therir immune system - INR 300
( Fruits & vegetables for 1 week for 1 child)

Supporting the family of Daily Wage Laborer for a month - INR 5000
(Direct deposit into beneficiary account)

Basic Sanitation Needs of a family - INR 300
(Floor Cleaner, Bucket, Broom, Hand Sanitizer, Soap)