Karnataka Government Partners With Sikshana

Bengaluru, November 8, 2016: The Karnataka Government and Sikshana Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deliver student motivation programmes for over 1 lakh students in 1,500 government higher primary schools of Chitradurga and Davanagere districts. Sikshana Foundation will work with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana (SSA) and the Department of Primary and Secondary Education over a three-year period to develop and to deliver student motivation programmes through government officials and teachers in the two districts. The Rs. 11cr (cash and in-kind) agreement has been signed under the Public Private Partnership model, with 50% of funding coming from public and 50% coming from private sources. Vibha, funding the work of Sikshana since 2005, has come forward to be a partner for the next three years in this effort.

Dr. P.C. Jaffer, State Project Director for SSA, said “The Government of Karnataka has been working through in-house projects, and with a number of NGOs to improve the quality of learning materials and teaching methods available to students in government schools. Sikshana Foundation has shown that student motivation programmes can be a low-cost but effective input to further improve learning outcomes.”

“We have therefore decided to develop these programmes further and deploy them in two districts as a pilot through an innovative partnership model, where the Government bears no more than half the project cost. Sikshana Foundation will be raising the remainder of the funding from private sources.” he added.

Prasanna Vadyar, CEO, Sikshana Foundation said “We are very excited to partner with SSA in this innovative approach as this will establish a model whereby Sikshana-developed student motivation programmes can reach the 50,000 government schools in Karnataka alone and then go beyond to impact the over 15 lakh schools in India. The successful launch of this model has been the result of over 18 months of work, made possible by Vibha, who co-imagined and nursed the project with us.”

According to Keyur Shah, Board of Directors of Vibha, “We have partnered with Sikshana Foundation for more than a decade and have seen the learning impact their programmes create. We have seen the results of the Sikshana programme and have tremendous faith in the change-making vision and ambition of Prasanna and his team. When the project was discussed with us at a very early-stage, it was unclear as to how an effective government partnership could be brought about. We decided to seed the project and work with the Sikshana team in a collaborative effort to grow and scale it. We are very pleased to see how far and how quickly the project has come. This is a perfect example of how Vibha works collaboratively with all stakeholders to find solutions that solve systemic problems facing underprivileged children in India. We have strong connections with our NGO partners and are able to work with them over a long term to nurture their capabilities. Together we are able to help our supporters be part of the creation of large-scale and meaningful impact.”