Opportunities @Sikshana


Sikshana has a small but growing team that is passionate about building and scaling models for large-scale impact in education. We have a unique way of looking at the problem through the lens of student motivation. The resulting smiles, curiosity and energy of the kids is what we are about!

At Sikshana, “NGO” is just a business model, and “startup” is a state of mind. We are an NGO that cares most about social impact; and We are a startup that is impatient to make this happen urgently.

If this sounds like the kind of place you want to work at, please see below for a list of full-time and volunteer roles where Sikshana could use hands, minds and hearts. If our mission and approach excite you, if making a social impact is a priority in your life, and you are as impatient as we are to make this change happen, we would love to talk to you!

Career Opportunities

Technology Intern  – We are looking for a Technology Intern to assist in data collection, processing and analysis. As a Technology Intern you will have the opportunity to work on diverse applications such as databases, image processing software and Android apps. You will also work on projects researching new technology areas which can help Sikshana. See full post on Indeed.co.in

Contract and Part-time

Finance Consultant — We are looking for a part- time or contract or volunteer Finance Consultant to work with Sikshana’s leadership team. The role will design and help implement continuous financial tracking, forward looking planning and procurement process. See the full post on Indeed.co.in.

Volunteering Opportunities

HR Consultant — We are looking for a volunteer HR Consultant to work with Sikshana’s leadership team. The role will provide guidance regarding all aspects of HR, including employee and recruiting experience, performance management, compensation and benefits planning, building a coherent culture, etc. See full post on Indeed.co.in.