2016-17 Supporters


Sikshana Foundation’s programmes would simply not be possible without the generous support of a number of corporate and institutional donors. A big “Thank You” to our 2016-17 supporters — we are looking forward to delivering strong results in partnership with you! CSR funding supports two types of activities at Sikshana:

1) Programme Operations


The focus of programme operations is to improve learning outcomes by delivering proven student motivation programmes. Sikshana uses funding to deliver programme materials (e.g. practice booklets, Stars, etc.), as well as to recruit full-time Sikshana employees to deliver and monitor the programmes. Funding typically covers half a taluk (about 4,000 students in 50 schools) to an entire taluk.

2) Product/ Programme Development


Sikshana also receives funding to develop new products and programmes that have the potential to create or enhance impact. These are developed in collaboration with the CSR, considering their interests and skill sets.

“A critical goal of Dell youth Learning program is to bridge the digital divide and bring 21st century skills to underserved young people. We were very happy and excited to enhance our partnership with Sikshana to pilot a digital literacy education program that we believe could be an impactful and cost-effective model for the government to consider implementing.” – Bhasker Sharma, Dell Corporate Responsibility. Dell and Sikshana are working together on a technology initiative for 10,000 students in all 200 government higher primary schools of Ramanagara and Magadi taluks:

Employee Engagement

There are a number of opportunities for corporate employees to get engaged and create impact in partnership with Sikshana Foundation:


1) Back To School is Sikshana’s flagship programme to leverage corporate employees to drive up student enrolment and attendance. Employees visit schools that have done the most to grow enrolment and where students have maintained regular attendance. They give these schools gifts in the form of sports/ science/ arts kits and spend a fun day introducing the students to them.

2) Visits to Campus by Students. Organize activities on your corporate campus, including cultural activities, games or classes for students and teachers.

3) School Improvement Day. Take a day to clean a school’s premises, to beautify the school walls and compound by painting them, to plant saplings in the school, to add a library, etc. The best time to do this is in May to give the kids a pleasant surprise when they return in Jun.

4) “Bring Your Own Program”. Volunteer engagement programs at Sikshana are essentially a co-creation activity, taking into account Sikshana’s knowledge of the needs of the community and the CSR’s ideas for ways to engage. Bring your ideas to solve known problems.