How Prerana Works

A number of organizations, public and private, have been working to improve learning outcomes by creating innnovative Teaching and Learning Methods (TLMs). However, these can only bear fruits fully if students are interested in what they are learning and “pull” the inputs. Despite recognition of this (including from the Gates Foundation), innovations in creating student “demand” for learning inputs have received scant attention.

Sikshana Foundation spotted this gap early on, and Sikshana’s programmes have a focus on driving student motivation to learn. In 2016, Sikshana was also able to successfully advocate for this need with the Government of Karnataka.

“The Government of Karnataka has identified the need for student motivation programmes as an important input needed to improve the quality of education in government schools”

– Shri Ajay Seth, Principal Secretary, Education Department, Government of Karnataka, May 2016

In a Nutshell

The goals of Sikshana’s programmes range from foundational good behaviours like regular attendance to more advanced skills like critical thinking. To achieve these, Sikshana employees called Mentors drive interventions to take students through 4 steps to launch their life-long learning journey. Each intervention helps turn the virtuous wheel of student engagement resulting in learning success, encouraging deeper student engagement.