Government Partnership

Sikshana Foundation was set up with the mission of evolving scalable and replicable models for an effective public (i.e. government) school system. Since the start of operations in a single school in 2003, Sikshana has grown to support over 27 lakh students in over 48,000 government schools in 2018-19. This makes Sikshana one of the best scaled organizations in the field of education in India.

In addition to developing child centric models to improve learning outcomes, Sikshana has also been able to leverage the technical expertise of the senior management to help Education department with using IT in their programs. In 2018 we even got recognized as “IT Backbone” to the Dept. by the Commissioner of Public Instruction.

“Sikshana Foundation has shown that student motivation programmes can be a low-cost but effective input to further improve learning outcomes.”

– Dr. P.C. Jaffer I.A.S., State Project Director, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan

Partnership with the government is now essential to scale program across the government school network in the country – recognizing this, Sikshana has made progress in establishing this partnership. In Oct 2017, Sikshana has signed an MoU with the Karnataka Government to deliver student motivation programmes for over 27 lakh students in 48,000 government primary and high schools in the State. Sikshana Foundation will work with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana (SSA) and the Department of Primary and Secondary Education over a three-year period to develop and to deliver student motivation programme “Prerana” through government officials and teachers in the State.

Sikshana Foundation has also signed an agreement with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh to run the Prerana program in 11 Tribal mandals of Vizag district for the year 2018-19 covering 1958 schools and 73,720 children on an equal share partnership.