Step 1: Rewards and Incentives

To start, students are offered non-financial rewards for basic good behaviors such as attending school regularly, class participation, participation in sports and extracurriculars, personal hygiene, etc. Unless these fundamentals are ensured, it is difficult to drive any improvement.


How It Works

Shiny star-shaped badges are a simple cost-effective start to programs. Students get silver-colored stars for participation in academics, green-colored stars for participation in improving the school environment, and pink-colored stars for participation in sports and cultural activities. These different forms of participation are tracked in each student’s own diary and help reinforce in the child’s mind the importance of active engagement in school.


“As a result [of star badges], attendance in our school improved significantly and students started to take the initiative in maintaining personal hygiene and in keeping the school premises clean also.”

– Mamtha S.V., Head Mistress of Government Higher Primary School, Kodkikere


How It Works

To attract students and parents to their local schools, and to encourage regular attendance, Sikshana is developing a technology-based learning program. Students are given an opportunity to work with digital content on tablets and laptops, which they otherwise do not have access to. Students find this novel and interesting, and parents value digital literacy skills for their child(ren).


“One of the students in my class was lagging behind in maths. Soon after the introduction of the [Dell tablets], he not only looks forward to using the tablet, but also practices his maths.”

– Shobha Rani, Teacher, G.H.PS. Mayaganahalli