Prerana 2.0 – Foundational and 21st Century Skills

While we are extremely happy that Sikshana’s motivational model Prerana has been adopted by Govt. of Karnataka in all the primary and high schools in the state, we are also aware that there are certain gaps that still needs to be addressed to ensure Quality Education is delivered by the government schools.

  1. Nearly 30% of the children in government schools still lack basic numeracy and literacy skills. Currently there is no effective systemic solution to help these children come up to speed.
  2. While the current system is able to provide adequate basic education, the system is not able to deliver the so called “21st century skills” which are deemed essential for children to survive in today’s world.

Prerana 2.0 is built on our motivational model and is designed to address these issues with a structured program targeting the children at risk, an experiential learning module based on school curriculum, optimal use of technology and supply chain management.

Critical Path for Foundational Math

In the current system of Education, few kids slip through the gap and end up moving to higher classes without acquiring foundational Language and Arithmetic skills. Our experience over the past decade has shown that these children, when given adequate attention and appropriate input to practice are able to catch up.  A child will have essentially move through the critical path of learning to get to their goals. In the public school system there are lakhs of children in the thousands of schools spread across an entire state and to provide a child a personalized input is a real challenge. But with Sikshana’s approach of using motivation to get a child to put in the effort using child friendly practice materials and supported by a strong monitoring platform which also enables a teacher to pull in the necessary resources for helping these children is what we believe will be the game changer.

In order to scale the effort the entire system needs to be cost effective and simple to use. The experience of having created Prerana 1.0 which has now been adopted by the Karnataka State Education Dept. will help us in developing this module which we hope to scale statewide by 2020.

4Cs of the 21st century learning

On the other end of the spectrum we have a bunch of over achievers in the public school system who are eager to learn and are looking for more than what the current system can offer. It is very essential for the public school system to retain these children in their fold and they can only do so by meeting the needs of these children. Here again the challenge lies in how do we selectively engage these children in a way that all the children will feel included in the process. This is where our project based experiential learning module will be most useful. In this module a group of kids tackle a project that is of interest to them and is also relevant to their curriculum.  These modules work best when a technology input like a laptop is used but also is quite effective without one. These projects are designed to be executed within a structured framework using Sikshana provided project planners. The projects covers various subjects in class 6 and 7 and each one of them help the children in acquiring the essential 4C’s of the 21st Century skills.

We are currently looking for donors to pilot this initiative in our incubator blocks and we will be happy to share the detailed project plan on request.