SGEP (Sikshana’s Girls Empowerment Program)

2018-19 SGEP girls with Dell volunteers
2018-19 SGEP girls with Dell volunteers at the yearly kickoff event

Adolescent girls need comprehensive support during the critical developmental stage, where they are likely to face unique challenges to their mental and physical health. SGEP combines education with health education and skill building opportunities, empowering girls to care for themselves in all aspects of life.


Scholarships:  Sikshana provides full scholarship to the shortlisted girls for the duration of an entire course and evaluates the same at the end of every academic year. The scholarship candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their family’s financial condition & willingness to continue education.

Counseling: Sikshana hires qualified personnel for engaging with the shortlisted girls and identifying any emotional, behavioral, social & health challenges faced by them. Once identified the counselors provide the necessary counseling to the girls.

Trainings & Workshops: Qualified trainers are hired by us to train the shortlisted girls for improving their ICT skills, soft skills & conversational English. Along with organizing regular health & hygiene workshops to educate the girls on basic health, nutrition & personal hygiene.

Mentoring & Monitoring: Sikshana Mentors are always on the field engaging with the SGEP candidates and their families to ensure that they attend all the necessary training, workshops and counselling sessions and complete their assignments. The same mentors are also responsible for monitoring the program.