Sikshana Foundation began its operations in 2003 with a goal of improving the state of public education in the country. The foundation focuses on developing cost-effective replicable and scalable models which improve the learning levels delivered by the public institutions. The first such model called ‘Prerana’ a motivation-based intervention for primary schools has scaled to over 50,000 schools in six states, with Karnataka Education Department adopting the model and running it across all its schools in the state since 2017. The Foundation is in various stages of scaling its 'Tech in Classrom' intervention, 'Girl Empowerment Program' and is in development stage of its 'Employability Skills Program' for students of high schools, ITIs & Polytechnics.

From CEO's Desk:

A few times in the last 13 years of working in Sikshana, I have had moments of exhilaration, but nothing can match what I am experiencing now due to the sheer magnitude and kind of impact our program is creating. Under our Project Based Learning program, students in class 4 thru 7 work on a project in groups of five. WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) is one such project, under which the students research the importance of hygiene, proper technique of hand washing etc. At the end of the project, they create a chart or a slide presentation and share the same with their families and communities. Just the possibility of 90,000 little change makers influencing their families and communities as the entire planet is trying to the tame the pandemic is why I am so excited!. If you are curious please watch the 93 sec video. I sincerely thanks all schools, teachers, students who made this a great success and thank all our donors who supported this initiative.

Our Impact

Sikshana with its decade long experience of having worked with first-generation learners studying in Government education network, is well aware of the specific needs that these students face on a daily basis, and all initiatives designed & developed by Sikshana revolve around addressing those specific needs in a holistic way. In Karnataka, Sikshana’s Flagship model Prerana has now been adopted by Govt. of Karnataka and is being implemented in all Govt. Primary Schools of Karnataka. The same is also being implemented in 2000 schools of Andhra Pradesh in Partnership with Government of Andhra Pradesh and 300 schools of Gujarat in Partnership with Government of Gujarat. We are implementing Prerana in more than 500 schools of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu & Telangana as well with the support of multiple Corporate Partners.

6 States

50,648 schools

3,000,000 students

Our Partners