Student Motivation & Social Classroom

This program forms the basics of our scalable model Prerana. This program focuses on motivating students using external rewards like giving shiny stars and badges to reward positive behaviour like regularly attending school, maintaining good hygiene, ensuring a clean school environment, taking active part in academic and co-curricular activities.

The Social Classroom extends this student motivation across the entire classroom creating a space which is more conducive for learning. It essentially consists of three parts all focused on ensuring children help each other to move forward collectively as a class.

Peer Learning


Prerana Club


Project Based Learning

This builds on the social classroom aspect by its ability to engage all the students in the classroom in group based projects where each one has a role to play. The program also helps in children acquiring digital literacy in case they have access to computers in the schools. The salient features of this program are:

Customized Learning Achievement Path

Sikshana's Girl Empowerment Program

SGEP is completely focused on empowering the girls from socio-economically backward families.

UNESCO estimates, in India alone 47 million students every year drop out in Senior Secondary classes out of which 61% are girls.

It is critical to create mechanisms to identify girls at risk of dropping out and implement those mechanisms to prevent dropouts. More regular touch points are needed to create timely corrective measures to ensure regular attendance and engagement in classrooms. Followed by creating a conducive environment to ensure that girls learn and feel safe in schools, complete all levels of education with the skills to effectively compete in the formal labor market; learn the socio-emotional and life skills necessary to navigate and adapt to a changing world, make decisions about their own lives and contribute to their communities and the world.

Better educated girls tend to be healthier women in future, participate more in the formal labor market, earn higher incomes, marry at a later age, have fewer children and enable better health care and education for their children, should they choose to become mothers. All these factors combined can help lift households, communities, and nations out of poverty.

Studies consistently reinforce that girls who face multiple disadvantages — such as low family income, living in remote or underserved locations, disability or belonging to a migrant group are farthest behind in terms of completion of education. Sikshana’s Girl Empowerment Program is designed to support & empower the girls from such families who essentially enrol in Govt. School /College Network.

The program works with a three-pronged approach:

Sikshana Employability Skills Program

The program starts at the high school level and aim to prepare the students with basic employability skills whether they continue academic pursuit or enter the vocational institutes post their high school. The focus of the program will be to develop functional Arithmetic & English skills, IT skills using group-based activities which will also lead to the students developing Communication and Collaboration skills.

The program will continue to work with the students who enter the Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) after high school and build on the foundational skills they would have acquired in high school by adding modules which are related to the specific job track they are on and end with an industry connect platform which will enable the students to find gainful employment. The modules predominantly focus on Group Discussion, Interviewing skills, Communication both written and verbal and IT skills.