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Cisco and Sikshana Foundation came together in Oct 2018 intending to partner with the KA Govt. to supplement the learning of government school students. As part of the first-year pilot, Customized Learning Achievement Path (CLAP) & Project Based Learning (PBL) were conceptualized and implemented in 1430 Govt. schools of Chitradurga and Davangere districts of KA benefitting 1,20,000 students. The second year of partnership focused on incorporating feedback from stakeholders and enabling adoption & implementation by the Education Dept. in these two districts. Based on the collective responses from all the key stakeholders on the pilot implementation, discussions had started with the Dept. in 2019 to scale up the interventions to the rest of the state before COVID hit. Cisco stepped up during this hour of need to provide CLAP & PBL inputs to the Govt. school children across the State.

Following is the brief on CLAP and PBL interventions (Version 1.1).

Customized Learning Achievement Path (CLAP) Version 1.1:

Modules under CLAP are designed to suit individual students' learning level and learning gap in Math and Language. Program aims to provide modules designed at various levels of foundational arithmetic and language competency. The content from the CLAP modules is being integrated into the workbook being developed jointly by the Education Dept and Sikshana Foundation for "Sethubanda" to be implemented in the AY 2021-22 for a minimum of 60day duration.The concept of CLAP is now being extended to include grade level and beyond grade level needs.

Project Based Learning (PBL) Version 1.1:

Project Based Learning inputs are designed with the purpose of providing exposure to 21st century skills with core focus on 4Cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking). PBL planners are designed to include three important stages (Find; Make and Share) while working on projects. Children work on various projects related to Science, Social Science and other subjects. As the current situation demanded awareness of hygienic practices, planners were designed to include concepts on WASH (Water, Sanitization and Hygiene).

Reach for 2020-2021:

Region Student Donor Language of Input







UWHy, Worley, UNICEF


Andhra Pradesh







Tamil, Telugu, English

Tamil Nadu









Mr.Hadagal,KGS Teggi

The CLAP modules were very useful for the students to learn Math easily at home during the COVID-19.

Since there were shortage of CLAP modules, I shared the scanned copies of CLAP modules through WhatsApp groups to reach out to all the needy children.

The students kept a separate notebook to practice the modules and submitting to the teachers.

Mrs. Geeta Patkar, GHPS plywood, Dandeli.

Sikshana Foundation has introduced the CLAP and PBL programs along with the Prerana program, to develop 21st-century skills in students.

The PBL helps the children to explore 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

The teachers are also trying to improve their 21st-century skills by practicing along with the students

Mr. Gurumurthi GHPS Benkipura, Hunasur Black, Mysore

CLAP modules are helping the students to learn the Math concepts easily. and the modules are very useful to learn the Math basic operations.

The students discuss the problems given in the CLAP among themselves and they will also contact the teachers if they didn't get any solutions.

PBL planners help the students to do their projects In a very organized manner. the Instructions have given in the planner helping the students to do the projects easily.

Vijitha, 6th-grade student of GHPS Sanooru

I was lagging in the Math concepts Fractions and Geometry. After practiced the concepts through CLAP modules I can understands the concepts well and can able to solve the problems on that and got 5 marks in the class test on the concepts..

Smt Savitri, Teacher, KGS Teggi

The Prerana club helped the teachers to monitor the various activities in the school, such as organizing functions, helping the slow learners to learn better by doing the group activities.

The club conducted the meeting every fortnight and discuss the action plans for the curriculum and extra curriculum.

The stars motivating the students to learn better and involve in academics and extra curriculum activities.

CLAP and PBL inputs are being very useful for the students and the teacher has collected all the CLAP modules (F1 to F6). That will help them throughout their career