Grama Digi Vikasana

Problem Statement:

The pandemic has exposed the massive digital divide between the rural and urban population. With schools switching to online learning, it was quite evident that the rural children were getting left out. At the same time the rapid digitization is also creating an entirely new set of jobs for which there are not enough skilled youth. And finally, more and more of the public services are being delivered digitally and it is very important that the beneficiaries are aware as to how to consume these services in a safe and secure manner.

Proposed Solution

Digital Device Library:

Create a library of digital devices in each Gram Panchayat along with broadband internet facility for beneficiaries to borrow the device and consume online services. For individual use, Android devices are provided so that users will have access to various approved Apps as required. Also, an Android TV will be setup which will enable group training / learning activity by allowing for easy Chromecast of various appsand resources directly from the internet.

Schools – GP Connect:

With the devices preloaded with school content the students in these GPs can continue the learning as we navigate the pandemic. Content developed and curated by DSERT will be pre-loaded on these devices covering classes 4 thru 10 and can be easily accessed using GPSTEP App. Provision has been made to update the content with newer materials from within the App.

Vocational Skills:

Vocational Education is getting extremely important in the context of the current economy where labour with highly specialized skillset is needed. Training of the workforce needs a meet the current demand and hence training needs to be provided based on demand/supply data of specific skills and its potential for adaptation. For this an online platform called GP Market place has been developed by Sikshana Foundation and based on the need, domain experts and other NGOs will be brought in to cater to the training needs.

Digital Literacy & 21st Century Skills:

With more and more social programs by the Govt. being delivered as e-service, it is imperative that the beneficiaries not only have devices to access it but also understand how to consume these services in a safe and secure manner. To address this Sikshana Foundation has developed a Digital Literacy program which have been piloted in a few GPs. In addition, Functional Math and English has become extremely important in dealing with everyday situations and the training program covers these skills also. And lastly as part of this the youth will also be provided soft skills training to cover 21st century skills like Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Vritti Nakshe:

Sikshana Foundation which pioneered Learning Maps in schools will help youth with navigating their career options using Career Maps. Career counselling camps will be run periodically at the GP library to help youth understand the various career choices that are available today. Aptitude tests will be provided to help them get a better understanding of their own fit with the various career options they may be interested in. Content from partner NGOs who specialize in these programs will be offered by the Sikshana Foundation team positioned in each of the ZPs.

Elite 75 program:

5 youth from ZillaParishats across the State who show the potential for higher learning will be selected from the GPs and given special training for various Engineering Entrance Exams. Additionally, to help develop logical and analytical skills programming languages such as Python, VPython, Android App development will be provided for these youth.

Project Details

  • All the 5700 GPs with GP libraries in the state will be selected
  • 21st Century & Digital Literacy training program across the State with a target of 10 lakh youth
  • Vocational Skills based on demand/supply will be provided with partner NGOs
  • Elite 75 program will be run across all the ZPs .
  • GPs will have Digital Device Library setup which consists of:
    • All the 5700 GPs with GP libraries in the state will be selected
    • Prepaid broadband internet for one year including installation & necessary hardware where required.
    • 4 Mobiles/Tabs preloaded with necessary educational content.
    • One 32inch Android TV to enable group learning.
    • Secure learning environment through Sikshanapedia App an offline learning app developed by Sikshana Foundation.
    • One dedicated Sikshana Foundation coordinator for each of the district will be provided.
    • Monitoring and Management software developed by Sikshana Foundation to manage the current GP libraries will be extended to manage this initiative also.


Sikshana Foundation will take total ownership of the project and will implement the project in a phased manner. The foundation will partner with CSRs to raise the necessary funds for the Internet, Digital Devices, Monitoring Staff and the necessary software.
Govt. of Karnataka will provide the necessary logistics support at each of the selected GPs to enable the implementation of the project. This includes promoting the availability of the digital resources in the villages of the GP, assigning additional duties to the current dedicated librarian in each of the GP to manage these digital resources and providing the necessary space/infrastructure to run the Digital Device Library.

Digital Transformation Centers

Each of the 1,000 “Digital Transformation Centers” have been or will be upgraded & equipped with the following Digital Infrastructure & Tools in phases by Mar 2023

What is included

done 2 Android Smartphones & 1 Dell Chromebook
done 1 Dell Chromebook + 27" monitor with 1 year Internet Connectivity
done Secure Learning Environment through SikshanaPedia App
done Monitoring & Management Software – GP App
Grama Panchayath